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Summer Advice for Pet Owners

Information from Well House Vets to help keep your pet's safe during the summer months

Summer is finally here. We can now enjoy more time outside in the sunshine. Our beloved pets love the summer as much as we do. They enjoy spending time with us, having fun and getting lots of exercise but our pets don’t sweat like people do, so it can be harder for them to stay cool in the summer sun. Dogs stay cool by panting but with the warm air, it can be harder for them to cool down.

Here are our top tips for keeping your pets cool in the hot weather:

  • Never leave animals in cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans, even for a short while on a hot day. The temperature can rise very quickly, which can be deadly
  • Use a pet-safe sun cream on exposed parts of your pet's skin
  • Make sure they have shade
  • Giving them constant access to fresh water
  • Give them damp towels to lie on

When going for a walk, head out in the early morning or late evening and don’t run or cycle with them. Try to avoid pavements as well. If the ground is too hot for you to touch with your hand, then it’s too hot for your fur babies' paws.

Ticks can be one of the biggest dangers during the summer months. Always check your dog for ticks following walks, especially in wooded areas and once a day.

Heatstroke can kill. Recognise the signs and call us immediately if you have any concerns

  • Heavy panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • A state of collapse and vomiting