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Your pet is in good hands

If your pet needs to come into the Clinic for an operation, investigation or dental procedure, to ensure that your pet is ready for admission they need to be clean and as dry as possible in preparation for going to the operating theatre. We recommend that you take your dog out for a short walk (where possible) in the morning to empty the bowels and bladder.

You will have an appointment with the vet or nurse first thing in the morning to complete the required documentation. We will require a contact number where we can reach you all day or, if you are unavailable, an agent who can act on your behalf. We require this number just in case we need your permission to act upon anything. Also at this appointment we carry out a pre-op check, during which we listen to the heart, check the temperature and discuss any concerns you may have. They will then give your pet the first part of the pre-medication - a sedative that will start to make them feel relaxed and sleepy.

They will then be taken through to the kennel room. Once here they will be given a comfy bed. If necessary they may be placed on an intravenous drip and have blood samples taken. They will also be given the second part of their pre-medication - a painkiller. They will be left quietly in their kennel to let the pre-medication drugs take effect.

Operations start around mid-morning. All pets in this Clinic are anaesthetised with the safest and most modern veterinary anaesthetics as standard, therefore reducing risks to a minimum. Please expect some areas of your pet to be shaved to allow medication to be given and monitoring equipment to be used while carrying out the necessary procedure.

After the operation has finished, your pet will be taken back to their kennel and covered with a blanket to keep warm. They will be monitored throughout their recovery by a nurse. Once awake all our patients are given water to drink. When dogs can stand they are taken out to the garden. All patients are carefully looked after and monitored throughout their stay by the nurses.

You can telephone the Clinic between 3:00pm and 4:00pm when we will be able to tell you how your pet is and confirm the time they will be ready for collection. When you come to collect your pet from the clinic, the vet or nurse will go through any special instructions with you and give feeding advice etc.

If your pet has stitches, these will need to be removed usually in 10-14 days post operatively. With a dental procedure we would require your pet to return in 10-14 days to check that the mouth and teeth are healing. After a general anaesthetic your pet may be drowsy and we advise you to collect them by car or some other means of transport.