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When your pet is sick we have various equipment we can use to assist us with diagnosis

  • Radiography: Our digital x-ray facility allows images to be viewed almost instantly on screen, which enables us to view them whilst the pet is in x-ray and ensure we have obtained the required information.
  • Ultrasound: Digital ultrasound allows us to access parts of your pet that x-rays are unable to, mostly the internal organs (soft tissues).
  • Endoscopy: With this flexible camera we are able to view different parts of your pet for assessment like the airways, digestive system and urinary system.
  • Electrocardiography (ECG): The ECG is the recording of electrical activity of the heart and assists in the diagnosis of heart conditions.
  • Laboratory: We have an in-house laboratory, which enables us to run a wide range of blood, urine and faeces testing.
  • We also use a specialist laboratory IDEXX to assist us with more in-depth testing. These results are received within 48 hours.